Keeping it steady, fresh, and alive

SPRING 2022 
online via Zoom

6 Saturdays:

March 12 & 26

April 9 & 23

May 7 & 21

8:00 - 10:00am (pacific)

Maintaining steadiness in our yogic sadhana and avoiding stagnancy is essential if we are to reap consistent benefits.  This can prove difficult in the midst of life’s shifting conditions, yet overcoming this common challenge is essential if one is to become a true self-directed practitioner.

The key lies in learning to consciously “tend the fire of sadhana”.  To support students in this process, this course will explore a number of principles and their practical application, which when mastered, will help keep the inner light steady, thus feeding the fire behind inspiration, discernment, and transformation.  When these qualities are present, our sadhana will remain fresh and alive.

​The course will build progressively, so it is important to take the classes in sequence. Each session will include lecture followed by a guided practice to apply the material presented.  Time will be allowed for Q&A. 


This course is designed for all students who have participated in any of Mark's online courses taught in 2020 and 2021.  Students who did not take any of these courses but are experienced with the Shadow Yoga Preludes may also participate.  Modifications will be given during the practice sessions so that all are challenged and supported. Please contact Mark if you have any questions.


Course Fee (six classes):  $216

includes the live-stream classes via Zoom, and unlimited access to each recorded class until Dec 31, 2022

If you have a credit balance, please contact Mark and it will be applied towards the course fee.


It is strongly recommended that participants attend the live classes if possible.  All sessions will be recorded, and the link will be sent out to all registered participants after each class, so if a session is missed, or you wish to review it, you will be able to do so as often as desired through Dec. 31, 2022.


Due to the online format of this course I understand that I may not receive any personalized instruction or adjustments as the instructor will not be able to see me clearly.  By signing up for this course I hereby release Mark Horner from responsibility for any risks, injuries, or damages I may incur while participating in the live classes and/or video recordings.  I agree to assume full responsibility for the risk of injury inherent in yoga, and certify that I am capable of safely participating and that I fully understand these terms and conditions.