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7 Saturdays

Apr 13 to Jun 22*

7:15 - 9:15am

From Shadow Yoga website:  

"The word asana (body posture) is derived from the sanskrit root asa-bhuvi meaning to be, to stay, to exist. This suggests that the application of asana is not about ‘becoming’ something but discovering what is already present, not about ‘gaining enlightenment’, but redeeming the sahajawasta (natural state) which is the abode of the human soul. Of the many asanas some are dynamic and some static but all are physical methods utilised in the early stages of restoring this natural state.The term angahara refers to the sequential arrangements of bodily shapes as well as to the arrangement of the limbs within these shapes."

The Asana-Angaharas I & II have both linear and circular variations to support morning and afternoon practice. The Winter session will focus on the linear variations and the Spring session will work with the circular variations.


To qualify for this course, students must be experienced with all three Shadow Yoga preludes and the Eight Palms short form of Nrtta Sadhana.  



early bird $196

if paid by Mar 31

Send check made out to Mark Horner to the studio, or pay in class

*NO CLASS ON:  May 4, 18, 25;  June 1


This course is taught progressively, so full participation is strongly recommended. Individual sessions may be attended only by students who have completed a prior Angahara I course with either Mark or Shandor & Emma. Drop-in fee: $33

PLEASE NOTE:  The Asana Angahara II form will be taught during Summer and Fall 2019.  Prerequisite is Asana Angahara I.


2050 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA

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