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Practitioner Training Program

Based in the methods, practices, and theory of Shadow Yoga and Classical Hatha Yoga, this challenging and comprehensive training program is focused on helping dedicated students, aspiring teachers, and current teachers deepen their practice and understanding of Hatha Yoga in order to become solid, self-directed, and skillful practitioners - the foundation for a rich and effective personal practice, and the essential basis behind skillful teaching.

Practitioner Training is taught in four levels and is based in the power and wisdom of the traditional path of mastery - one which requires patient, disciplined development over many years, all within the context of a close mentored teacher-student relationship and a comprehensive system of training, rooted in sound principles and skillful means.


The result of such a process is REAL growth - honest, grounded, and embodied; and for those assuming the role of teacher, the ability to transmit such an understanding to others.



Dates - TBD


Dates - TBD


Dates - TBD


Dates - TBD

Practitioner Training Programs meet monthly for a weekend intensive

Enrollment is personal and direct.


Please inform Mark if you are interested and together you will discuss if the training is appropriate, and what may need to be done in preparation. Once accepted into the program, you will be sent the application form to fill out and submit to Mark.

Years of teaching and personal practice have given me an understanding of the importance of skillful preparatory work, and its role in the step by step development of a true practitioner.


I have seen first hand, in myself and my students, the wisdom of the patient, systematic approach for building a solid base with deep roots. Despite its effectiveness, this traditional path of mastery has become the exception, rather than the rule. As attention spans shorten, and yoga classes,”certification” programs, and “teachers” approach commodity status, entertainment and commercial value have taken precedence over real growth. Nevertheless, the time-tested combination of a sound method, right mind-set, and disciplined application, will give sure and steady progress and help one avoid wasting time and energy on unproductive practices and distracting detours - I have personal experience with this, having had to go back and fill in many gaps due to incomplete preparation in my early years of study.


The good news is that once the foundation has been shored up, real progress becomes possible. For the discerning student, whether teaching or not, this program addresses the very real need for Practitioner Training.  



~ Mark


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