Myofascia, Marmas, & Meridians of the lower body



8 Thursdays

Apr 11 to Jun 20*

6:00 - 7:15pm

7 Saturdays

Apr 13 to Jun 22*

9:30 - 10:45am

An important purpose of the Shadow Yogic Sadhana is to correct the structural and energetic distortions of the body.  


In the initial stages, it is especially important that this correction unfold from the ground up, through the feet, legs, and pelvis.  This will ensure that a proper base is established, supportive of the higher stages of sadhana. 


This course will build upon the foundation established in the winter session, and provide an in-depth exploration of the myofascia, marmas, and energetic meridians of the lower body through guided practice. Understanding these systems and being able to apply that understanding to the practice of the karanas, stances, seats, and primary asana vinyasas of the preludes, will greatly enhance their power and effectiveness.  In addition, participants can expect to gain more clarity around their personal challenges which will help make practice more effective and satisfying. 


To qualify for this course, students must be experienced with at least one Shadow Yoga prelude.



early bird $208

if paid by Mar 31

*no class on May 16, 23, 30


early bird $182

if paid by Mar 31

*no class on May 4, 18, 25; Jun 1

Register for both Thursday and Saturday courses for $375 (send a check) 


The course is taught progressively, from Winter thru Spring, so it will build up and it's important to start at the beginning in Winter.  Individual sessions are only open to students experienced with all three Preludes and after first consulting with Mark. Drop-in fee: $29

The Thursday and Saturday classes will work with the same themes, but with different points of emphasis, so those who attend both will get a more comprehensive learning.  

Students who sign up for one of the days, can drop-in on the other day.  Also, any missed classes can be made up on the other day.  


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