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Bandha Triyam II

Bridging the Physical & Energetic

8 Thursdays

Jan 9 to Mar 12*

6:00 - 7:15pm

6 Saturdays

Jan 18 to Mar 14*

9:30 - 10:45am


Bandha Triyam (the three primary locks, or seals of hatha yoga) are an essential component of the Bahiranga Sadhana (asana, mudra, pratyahara and pranayama).  Bandha serves to bridge the physical, energetic, and mental layers while building the inner power and absorbing the mind. Without mastering bandha triyam, from the gross physical to the subtle, the internal practices of hatha yoga have no chance of developing.  

This level II course will build upon the Level I course which was taught during the Fall 2019 session and focused on tuning the physical container of the body in preparation for bandha.  The emphasis of the Level II course will be on bridging the physical  and energetic layers of bandha triyam through developing the more subtle aspects of bandha.  


To qualify for this course, students must be experienced with at least one Shadow Yoga prelude and have taken the Bandha Triyam Level I course.  For those that did not take the Level I course, please consult with Mark as attendance may still be possible based on experience level.  



early bird $208

if paid by Jan 4

*no class Feb 6 & 13


early bird $156

if paid by Jan 4

*no class Feb 8 & 15;  Mar 7

Register for both Thursday and Saturday courses for $350 (send a check) 


The course is taught progressively, so full participation is strongly recommended.  Individual sessions are only open to students experienced with all three Preludes and the Level I Bandha Triyam Course. Drop-in fee: $30

The Thursday and Saturday classes will work with similar themes, but with different points of emphasis and sequencing, so those who attend both will get a more comprehensive learning.  

Students who sign up for one of the days, can drop-in on the other day.  Also, any missed classes can be made up on the other day.  


2050 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA

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