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Developing a more potent practice
A Two-Weekend Intensive


• Online Webinar:

May 30 & 31

8:00 - 10am both days

• Guided Practice Online

Sat Nov 21: 

7-9am & 3-5pm pst

The manifestation of life is governed by various cycles and interwoven rhythms. These include the macro cycles of the earth, moon, sun, planets, and stars, and the micro cycles of the energetic and physiological systems within the human organism.

This two-part intensive will guide participants into an understanding of the connection between integrated rhythmic activity, and the ability to feel and discern the influences of these macro and micro cycles. This begins with the physical body and the harmonious movements of the limbs in karana and asana, before slowly progressing through more refined levels of breath, energy, and mind. The result of this step-by-step training (over many years), will be the ability to navigate the ebb and flow of cyclical influences with greater skill, ease, and efficiency.


Online Webinar with Lecture and Q & A: 

Sat & Sun May 30 & 31, 8:00-10am

The theory will be presented in depth, including suggested "homework" for personal practice.

Guided Practice - Online via Zoom  

Two 2-hour-classes - Nov 21, 7-9am & 3-5pm

Important points from the May webinar will be reviewed and expanded upon and then applied in active practice. This will help students embody the teaching and better understand the differences between the AM and PM sadhana.


The Guided Practice sessions in November are only open to students who completed the May webinar.


FEE: $145

Guided Practice Nov 21, 2020


2050 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA

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